• Paper to stitch, a design journey... Paperwork informs silhouette, colour and stitch structures Initial inspiration for the design of a collection of mono-fibre knitted textiles.

  • Beth’s design work is influenced by her on going research into raw materials,
    textile production in industry, and craft methods. Beth’s craft inspires her
    technical approach to knitting, whilst her visual inspiration is gathered from
    personal narratives and nostalgia inducing imagery. Her hand-knit and flatbed
    machine knit capabilities are vast, with an understanding of complex knitted stitches.

    Beginning her projects with photography, drawing and mark making,
    Beth’s paperwork forms the basis of her yarn, colour and textural choices. Her
    handwriting resonates as much within her fabric creations as it does in her paper
    artworks. Often producing tactile research folios and hand bound books, Beth’s
    collections culminate in carefully curated bodies of work, combining fabrics,
    artworks, texts and imagery. Her material collections can each be utilised as
    educational tools to teach consumers about material origins, as well as forming
    designs in their own right.
    ...and consultancy.
    Freelance design projects allow Beth to adapt to new challenges off which she
    thrives. Opportunities to collaborate with brands and designers to contribute her
    knowledge to their design briefs are welcomed.
    Though Beth’s personal work is based on her evolving design ethos, her breadth of
    design and material knowledge can be adapted and applied to many design contexts.
    Beth has experience working in a variety of fashion and textile contexts, and
    can provide services such as knitwear construction, linking, knitted textile sampling
    and mixed media textile sampling.

    Beth has a wealth of experience in assessing design methodologies and
    implementing context specific strategies to facilitate whatever
    ‘positive sustainable change’ may mean for you and your brand.
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